Discover Barcelona's Summer Wonders

Top 5 Must-See Attractions for Summer 2024

Greetings, globetrotters and sun-seekers!
Welcome to Barcelona, where the sun kisses your cheeks, the sangria flows like a Spanish sonnet, and Gaudí’s creations make you question if you’ve accidentally ingested something hallucinogenic…
BUCKLE-UP, buttercups, because I’m about to spill the paella on the best things to do in Barcelona this summer!

Barcelona city scape from the top including La Sagrada Familia

your guide to an epic summer in barcelona

New or Visiting Barcelona? Here's what to Tick-Off!

Barcelona tourist guide 2024

#1 La Sagrada Famila

 :Gaudí’s Never-Ending Masterpiece.

First up, the Sagrada Família. Picture this: a basilica that’s been under construction for so long, your great-great-grandkids might still be paying for tickets to see the scaffolding. This isn’t just a church; it’s an intricate dance of stone and stained glass, a place where even the most devout atheists mutter, “Sweet heavens above!”
BOOK ONLINE in Advance, or risk missing out!
We’d recommend doing a tour, because it’s all far more exciting when you know the story. But if you’re just ticking-boxes than a General Admission ticket will get you in, let you see the main goodies, and back out sipping sangria in no time. 
For the adventurous, you can also climb one of the towers- for a view that’ll make you say, “Now, that’s worth the vertigo!”

La Sagrada Familia in bright summer light, Barcelona Spain

Barcelona tourist guide 2024

#2 La Barceloneta Beach

 :Beach Bumming & Topless Tanning

Sun, sea, and sand—Barceloneta Beach is where you go to check out the sun, sand, have a dip (depending how much algae or plastic is floating around), get an all-over tan (on the nudist part) or a topless-tan (anywhere on the beach) and most importantly see a man balance a tray of donuts on his head (if you’re lucky!). Grab a spot early because by midday you’ll be lucky to get a spot 3-rows back from the water. Don’t worry about the beers, water or samosas- there’s always a bunch of plain-clothes men selling them on the beach, and not a bad price. And while you’re there, don’t miss the beachside chiringuitos where you can grab a snack and cocktails. We know we’re not the first ones to tell you this, but don’t leave your things on the beach unattended, and don’t even leave them out of your arm or eye range. The thieves are pros here. 
Pro Tip: Don’t get your cocktail from beach-sellers, stick to the chiringuitos. 

a couple walks down boardwalk next to la barceloneta beach on sunny day

Barcelona tourist guide 2024

#3 La Rambla

 :An amazing Market, Art, Fresh Flowers, Human Statues, Shops & more! 

This boulevard is part catwalk, part carnival, and part pickpocket’s playground. Hold onto your wallet and dive into the chaos. Street performers, human statues, and an assortment of shops selling everything from Spanish fans to, well, more Spanish fans. And if you’re a foodie (or just hungry), duck into La Boqueria Market. It’s a sensory overload of colors, smells, and tastes. Trust me, the jamón is life-changing. 
There’s some great shopping streets just a street away (Portal de l’Ângel) and the stunning Placa d’Reial just off the main strip too, lined with restaurants and bars.  

La Rambla Barcelona Summer 2024

Barcelona tourist guide 2024

#4 Park Güell

 :Gaudí’s Playground.

Think Dr. Seuss on a sugar high, and you’ve got Park Güell.
This park is another of Gaudí’s gifts to the world, complete with mosaic lizards and gingerbread-like houses. It’s as if someone gave a talented toddler a bunch of Legos and said, “Go wild!” Wander around, take a selfie with the famous lizard (his name’s El Drac, by the way, which they tell us means Dragon/Lizard in Catalán), and ponder the fact that Gaudí might have been the world’s first psychedelic architect.
Great on a sunny day, but can still be enjoyed with an umbrella and/or coat in the cooler months. 
We advise you book online before you go to avoid queues. 

Gaudis famous park Guell looking over the city

Barcelona tourist guide 2024

#5 Barcelona Nightlife

 :Dance ’til you drop.

When the sun goes down, Barcelona turns up the volume.
Head to one of Barcelona’s best pubs to start the night.
The George Payne is a tourist favourite for some delicious loaded nachos and some great drink specials. Try the best party-starter “The Blackout Tray”.. it serves 2-3 people shots, drinks & cocktails for only 30€! 
Stay all night mixing & mingling with locals and other travelers from all over the world, or make your way to one of the city’s legendary nightclubs. But, beware, no one enters the clubs before 1am, and you definitely won’t catch a local there before 2am.

Pro tip: Take a nap in the afternoon.

two girls enjoy a night out in Barcelona pub

Barcelona's Fun Nightly Events!

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