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San Juan Barcelona

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Primavera sound stage

Primavera Sound Music Festival

29th may-2nd june 

**Rock, Pop, and Everything In Between**
Kicking off our list is the legendary Primavera Sound Festival.
Imagine this: you’re grooving under the stars to a lineup that’s so diverse it makes your Spotify playlist look like it’s got commitment issues. From indie rock to electronic beats, Primavera Sound has it all. It’s held at Parc del Fòrum, a venue so sprawling you might need a map (or just follow the hipsters). Pro tip: Don’t forget to swing by The George Payne Irish Pub for a pre-festival feed & 10€-shots-tray.


see their website for more info!

 sónar music festival

13th, 14th & 15th June

Some call it the Biggest electronic music festival in the WORLD!
Sónar Festival is a week-long event which brings some of the world’s biggest electronic DJs to take to the stage in Barcelona. Sónar by Day is held in the Fira de Montjuïc and has a more relaxed vibe, while the night program is at the huge Fira Gran Via on the outskirts of the city, where you can share the dance floor with around 10,000 music fans from around the world.


see their website for more info!
San Juan Barcelona
sant juan barcelona
sant juan barcelona


SAint John/ Sant Juan/ San Joan

23rd-24th june 

Possibly the most memorable of all Catalán Celebrations.
Firstly,  let’s start by saying, there’s more than 3 ways to refer to this night (you’ll likely hear it spoken about in English, Spanish, Catalán..), but to be clear- we are all celebrating the same thing-
it’s summertime baby!!
Sant Juan celebrates the shortest night of the year!

In Barcelona, the traditional way to celebrate is to go our for dinner at a restaurant or a friend’s house, then set-off a bunch of firecrackers!
If you want to eat out, you better book in advance as the restaurants fill-up fast!
Don’t like firecrackers or fireworks? then you may want to stay home.
Have a dog? it’s best you keep him inside and looked-after on this night as they can be scared by the noise.

Families spend an average of €40 on fireworks – mostly bangers and Chinese firecrackers, so Sant Joan always very noisy evening with loud bangs and small explosions all evenign and well into the night.
You can buy firecrackers in many pop-up shops in parks and various other locations all over the city from about 2 weeks prior to the festival.

Where to go? Montjuic is a great shout to see all the fireworks, or the beach if you dare get uo close-and-personal!

Check out this video to get a preview!
4th July Barcelona

4th of july 2024 in barcelona

thursday 4th july

Every year Barcelona is famous for throwing BIG 4th if July Parties to make the students from the United States of America feel at home, but one party has always been known to push-the-line and go all-out CRAZY! At The George Payne we throw Barcelona’s Biggest & Best Independence Day Party in Barcelona 2024 and Every Year!
Arrive Early to avoid the line!


Gracia festival 

thursday 15th august – wednesday 21st august

Every year The Gracia Festival (Fiesta Mayor) rocks Barcelona by decorating many of streets with hand-made recycled-decorations in a particular theme. The streets compete for the prize whilst tonnes of tourists and locals come to see the stunning display, drink & eat from the pop-up street bars and enjoy concerts, traditional dances, the catalan ‘castellers’ (human-towers) and much more! 

4th July Barcelona
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