The George Payne

Watch the 2024 Paris Olympics
in Barcelona

on 10+ big screens + 1 huge projector screen!

a preview of the Olympics in France 2024 with crowds around the Eiffel Tower

what we’re buzzing to watch:

#1 Opening Ceremony

 :Gaudí’s Never-Ending Masterpiece.

The French know how to throw a party, and we’re expecting nothing less than a spectacle that will make the Eiffel Tower blush.
Picture this: acrobats swinging from the Arc de Triomphe, baguettes being juggled, and a cameo from a mime who finally speaks – “Vive les Jeux Olympiques!” We’ll be glued to the screen, raising a toast-ed baguette to the magic of Paris.

Tokyo Olympics 2020 stage with rings and singers

#2 Breakdancing

 Olympics 2024 is bringing the moves! 

Yes, you heard right – breakdancing is now an Olympic sport, and it’s about time! We’re beyond excited to see street culture take the spotlight. Expect head spins, windmills, and footwork that could set the dance floor on fire. This event is bound to get everyone moving.

bmx olympics

#3 BMX Freestyle

 :The high-flying circuis.

Why are we thrilled about BMX Freestyle? Because it’s basically gymnastics on two wheels, and it’s a heart-thumping, pedal-pumping adrenaline rush. Imagine the atmosphere here in the bar: every flip, twist, and jump will be met with gasps, cheers, and the occasional spilled drink. It’s like Cirque du Soleil, but with more helmets and fewer leotards. 

bmx olympics

#4 Surfing in Tahiti!

 The posh locals are set to get rocked by the world’s best surfers.

Surf’s up.. in Teahupo’o, Tahiti! We’re all eager to see if the surfers will tackle the waves with the same finesse as the French handle their wine. 
Will Brazilian legend Italo Ferreira be the one to take it out again? 
Or will runners-up Japanese Kanoa Igarashi or Australian Owen Wright give him a fight for the Gold Medal this time round? 
Whatever the result, we’re looking forward to watching the action! 

Olympic Surfing 2024

#5 The Marathon

 There’ll be no time to enjoy the views for the 2024 olympian runners.

But, we can’t wait to take in the stunning scenery and cheer on our Country’s runners whilst stuffing our faces with loaded nachos and beer, The runners will push through 42 kilometers of pure determination during what is likely to be a sweltering hot summer day. By the end we’ll be reminding ourselves that the diet starts tomorrow. 

Paris 2024 marathon route
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