New calendar of soccer events

With the COVID 19’s pandemic, the main sporting events were canceled, postponed or suspended, but at The George Payne we did not give up, and we knew that in 2020,

When will the party go back?

The desconfined of Spain has begin, it will be a bit slow, but it will be safe! It will be during a period of 8 weeks  (if everything goes according

Bikini body workout for quarentine lesson 1

I think we can all agree that working out at home can be a struggle sometimes. Not only do endless distractions exist — snacks, Tiger King on Netflix and your

Start the countdown

On Tuesday a deconfinition plan will be approved for Spain. The unconfinement is planned to be carried out throughout the month of May, it will be applied asymmetrically and at


The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths across the world. It has also abruptly changed the way people live, work, and socialise. But amid these unwanted effects are

Barcelona, the best city for international students

If you are looking for a city to go to study the next university year, Barcelona is the best city of all! There is an abundance of information available to

‘THE HURT LOCKER’ – BEST FILM OSCAR IN 2010 It is an intense portrait of the life of elite soldiers, who have one of the most dangerous jobs in the

Top TGP chicken wings recipes!

We know that the The George Payne’s chicken wings are the best wings that you have tasted EVER, here we have so many recipes to do your chicken wings a

TOP Songs to play from your balcony Barcelona 2020

Hey dear friends! We have a list of songs for you to play from your balcony / window, at full volume. By now I understand that at least one day

16 things to do as you pass quarentine Barcelona 2020

There is no way to avoid it: you are locked in your house and do not know what to do to pass the time. 1. Try growing an avocado –

Cocktail recipes to practise during your Quarantine

We know that you want to come back to The George Payne as soon as posible… Miss our music… Miss our Guiness… Miss our staff… Miss our party atmosphere (because

Temporary Closure- COVID-19 precautions in Catalunya

Precautions in Catalunya COVID-19 As a precaution to prevent the spread of COVID-19, on Friday 13th March, the Catalan Health Department have advised temporary closure of all Bars & Clubs

Where to watch the Rugby in Barcelona?

The George Payne is undoubtedly Barcelona’s Best Sports Bar, with 10+ big screens, burgers, beers & everything else you need! If you are looking for a place to watch the

6 Nations 2020 in Barcelona

  If you are looking for a place in Barcelona to see the rugby 6 nations match England vs Gales this Saturday 7th of march, you have to come to

El Clasico Barcelona Sunday 1st March

Watch Barcelona V Real Madrid LIVE in Barcelona on the Big Screen for El Clasico on Sunday 1st March at 9pm at The George Payne! The Biggest & Best venue

St Patrick’s day in Barcelona 2020

This 17th March 2020 will be that time of year again when the world goes green to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day!!! If anyone knows how to party it’s the Irish, and this is one