Barcelona, come to the safe city!

Ready to head to one of the most famous cities in the world but are worried about pickpockets? Barcelona is safe for tourists so long as… you stay at The

The summer paradise in Barcelona

Are you looking find your way back to summer paradise? You found it! The George Payne is the summer paradise in Barcelona. It’s the place where you can enjoy the

The best GIANT cocktails in Barcelona

To The George Payne, the best irish pub in Barcelona, have arrived the GIANT cocktails!!! To get the party started!!!   Welcome to the land of excess, at The George

4TH OF JULY PARTY in Barcelona 2020

  This year 2020, this 4th of JULY there are no excuses, no problems, no covid 19, no more matters! Get ready Barcelona … One more dream in early July,

The best party tunes in Barcelona is at The George Payne, the finest pub in Barcelona!   This Thursday come to The George Payne if you want show your talent!

Top spanish expressions 2!

From The George Payne we have thought that if you are going to come a few days in summer, or if you are going to come all summer, or plan

Jukebox Party, La Liga, Beers… in Barcelona

The ONLY way to find all is at The George Payne, the finnest pub in Barcelona! Do you need more reasons? Corona Buckets 15€ Giant Cocktails 15€ Shots Trays 10€

The George Payne is back!

We can’t wait to SEE YOU!!! Returning Monday 8th June   Return to our home with the goodtimes of ever   We care about you all, at The George Payne

irish pub with terrace in Barcelona

Are you looking for the Irish pub with terrace in Barcelona? The George Payne will re-open their terrace for every people to want have fun, enjoy a guinness and spend time

New in The George Payne!!!

Hey Barcelona, did you miss us? We mised you too BUT WE’RE COMING BACK very soon and you don’t want to miss it. We can’t wait to see you all

Top 10 Spanish expressions

From The George Payne we have thought that whether you are going to come a few days in Summer, or if you are going to come all Summer, or you

Let’s set the whole world on fire! Phase 1

As you know, Spain is carrying out the de-escalation or economic recovery through the monitoring of a series of phases. Barcelona was still in phase 0, that is, we had

Adopt a dog, save a life

These days of quarantine at home have made you rethink the possibility of adopting a dog. From The George Payne we encourage you to get hold of a furry life

Craft beer and lethal during the coronavirus quarantine

Brewing is an art that The George Payne respects, always purchasing our beers from the best brands with a guarantee of safety. But there are people who are so fond

The TO-DO list When This Is All Over

The George Payne are here to guide you through the coronavirus lockdown. If there’s one positive that has come out of the coronavirus pandemic, it’s that we’ve learned to appreciate

Bikini body workout for quarentine lesson 2

Let’s go with a new and exciting installment of exercises to prevent this quarantine from turning into a walrus. Because having a “bikini body” costs effort and dedication, we give