La Mercè in Barcelona 2020

Two things always happen at La Mercè: it rains and you drink. The first we cannot avoid it, the second we can improve it. Because this Mercè you are going

La Mercè 2020 Barcelona’s Festival

Welcome to La Mercè! The main festival of Barcelona brings the celebrations to all the districts of the city and you will be able to access the events without leaving

Premier League live in Barcelona 2020

Football Feels Lows, Highs, Beers and Fries! How many teams have won the Premier League? In total, seven clubs have won the Premier League title: Manchester United, Chelsea, Manchester City, Arsenal,

La Liga in Barcelona at The George Payne

Are you wondering about where to watch La Liga in Barcelona? We have the best place! More than 10 HD screens and a Giant proyector. The best burger of Barcelona,

Premier League in Barcelona LIVE 2020

We are ready to back again!!! With the best football, The Premier League at The George Payne !!! The first season is on its way back and you can enjoy

UEFA Nations League 2020 in Barcelona

Tomorrow, thursday 3rd of september 2020 the UEFA Nations League will begin his first jornada THIS WEEK! On Thursday September 3rd you´ll see Germany Vs Spain and all the weekend

welcome to our FLIRTY FRIDAYS

At The George Payne you will can enjoy the Fridays night how ladies night! The fridays at The George Payne will be the new Saturdays!!! So, start getting REDDY now

Messi wants to leave Barcelona

Leo Messi has sent a certified letter – known as a burofax in Spain – to Barcelona, communicating his intention to leave the club. The player intends to take advantage

Champions League final 2020 in Barcelona

Neymar, with tears in his eyes. Neymar, staring into the middle distance. Neymar, with his head in his hands. Here, in The George Payne, the cheers for Bayern Munich was

Bayern Munich will take on Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League final on Sunday. PSG sailed into the final – marking the first time they will appear in the big

Best Beach Getaways Near Barcelona 2020

Beaches near Barcelona don’t disappoint. Whether you prefer the secluded enclaves in Tossa de Mar, or the party vibe in Sitges, there’s sure to be a beach for you within

Champions League 2020 Barcelona

These matches will be played without an audience and at the home of the team that had to play at home for the second leg, you can will see all

Hangover mode in Barcelona

It’s important to take the right mixers and spirits for a party, and it’s also important to choose a place to spend the night, surrounded by incredible people and even

The NBA Playoffs 2020 in Barcelona

Looking for somewhere epic to watch the NBA Playoffs? Look no further. The George Payne is Barcelona’s home of live sports!!! Come the Home of International Sports, to watch it

What the foreigners think about the spanish people

At The George Payne we create a very international environment, with people of many nationalities, and it is inevitable that some stereotypes regarding the Spanish people , the locals, will

The English Premier League 2020 in Barcelona

If you are looking for a place where you can cheer your english team while premier league match.. The George Payne is the home of sports in Barcelona! THURSDAY 7.00