El Clasico, Sunday 28th of October

Lionel Messi has been ruled out of the La Liga El Clasico against Real Madrid after being forced off in Barcelona's match against Sevilla with an injury. Messi landed awkwardly

Tips and tricks to be the FUCKING MASTER of Beer Pong (lesson 2)

Understand The Three Types Of Shots You Can Take In your standard beer pong game, there are three shots one can take.  1) The arc: When you lob the ball

Beer Olympics Wednesday

Come ever Wednesday to enjoy the best party in Barcelona

The end of the Summer

The feared month of September has come with its return to routine and this only means one thing: ADIOS SUMMER. That's right, it was beautiful while it lasted, the long

Tips and tricks to be the fucking master of beer pong (lesson 3)

 Look At The Back Of The Cup You’re Aiming For Instead of looking at the group of cups as a whole, take a look at the back of the red


A great existential doubt that every human being has ever faced in his life is: What is better, to go spliced, without sleeping or just sleeping for an hour? Based

The Gym

1. The gym's first essential: THE EARPHONES Forgetting them makes the gym a horrible experience! You will look around for distractions, those who run ahead of you at much more

Music affects the taste of beer.

Why do some beers know us better than others, even if they are from the same brand? Well, sometimes, it could be due to the music that is playing at

Best costumes ever

The George Payne te da las mejores ideas para el mejor disfraz de la fiesta de Halloween en The George Payne! Helmet Cat    Death Becomes Her Sputnik 2 Taco

The Party Package!

We are presenting our new Party Package!  Now you can have your private party in Barcelona’s finest pub! If you are looking where to have a party in Barcelona, this


The Final of the most intense eurocopa lived in "the george payne". great stress, euphoria, joy and sorrow were an unforgettable party where Portugal got its first European Cup in


We ain't afraid of no ghosts… and we know you aren't either!  Get freaky with us this Halloween on a super creepy scavenger hunt through Barcelona's haunted Gothic Quarter. Discover

No Cristiano, No Cry

Yes, Christian did it again, and it seems that the guy likes a lot, he don’t stop with this, again and again, game after game, poor Ronaldo, whenever something happens,


Which kind of person are you , or which kind of people do you meet at The George Payne? 1. The One Who Forgot His Wallet Also known as “Short

4th of July Party!!

the biggest and best party was held July 4 in the george payne, games, karaoke, specialty drinks, balloons, banners, and more filled with pure fun our premises to make this

Tips and tricks to be the fucking master of beer pong (lesson 4)

Be First To Bounce When a bounce shot lands in the cup, two cups are removed from your opponent, as opposed to one, making it a bold and effective shot.