Manchester United vs Barcelona at The George Payne

The second leg of the quarter final of the Champions League 2019 between F.C. Barcelona and Manchester United will be played at the Camp Nou on Tuesday, April 16 at

The NBA Playoffs of 2019 are the closing cycle or eliminations of the 2018-19 season of the NBA. The playoffs will begin on Saturday, April 13 and end with the

Tinder Tinder, meanwhile, claims to have finally solved the problem of men lying about their height on the dating app, witha new height verification feture they promise is coming soon. Men

2×1 lunch!!!

Sólo en The George Payne tú puedes ahorrar dinero en comidas. The George Payne is the only bar in Barcelona that has a 2×1 on your plate of food! Buy

EURO 2020 The George Payne

The Qualification for the Eurocopa 2020 will be the tournament that will determine part of the selections classified to the Eurocopa 2020, to be realized in diverse cities in all

It’s St Patrick,It’s time to party!

  Only 2 days left for St Patrick’s day! The best plan for this St Patrick’s day is the Street party that we have assembled in collaboration with Kitty O’Sheas


On the internet rumors, myths and urban legends are spread at full speed, it is the perfect broth for their free transit and the ideal means to deny them. To


Warming engines … next March 16 is the St. Patrick’s Day 2019 we wait for you all day to celebrate another year with a tremendous party on the streets the

THE OSCARS (in memes)

The gossips say that this gala of the Oscars left much to be desired, that it was boring and, rather, but any event worth its salt, is susceptible to the


At The George Payne love sports! At The George Payne love football! At The George Payne love FC Barcelona! And…obviously…. at The George Payne love EL CLÁSICO match!!! This is

COPA DEL REY Semifinales Febrero

It’s coming … it’s here! Next Wednesday, the faces of FC Barcelona against Real Madrid will be seen again. Have you thought about where you are going to see it?


Many football fans will have their eyes glued to the TV this Sunday, watching every move between the Los Angeles Rams and the New England Patriots during Super Bowl LIII,

The George Payne, your sports bar

The Premier League, NFL, Champions League, La Liga, The King’s Cup …. All the sport matches is in the George Payne! The George Payne will get all the action LIVE


Half of January and the purposes for this 2019 are not going well. But do not falter, you are not the only one, each new year brings a lot of


Edward Fortyhands Named after the popular Johnny Depp movie "Edward Scissorhands," Edward Fortyhands participants have each hand duct taped to a 40-ounce bottle of malt liquor. The duct tape is

Tips for a job interview

Job interviews are not usually a pleasant drink. Many of the questions are repeated in almost all, such as "where do you see yourself in five years?" Or "What are