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New Year’s Eve in Barcelona

What to do in Barcelona for NYE!

The Best things to do in Barcelona for NYE- ranging from family-friendly to wild parties.
Here’s the ultimate guide to New Years Eve in Barcelona!


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Traditions you need to know about!

12 Chimes + 12 Grapes

If you want to participate in a Spanish tradition, then buy yourself a pack of 12 grapes and try to eat 1 every time the bell chimes in the count-down to midnight. If you don’t choke- they say that you’ll have good luck in the year to come!

Red Underwear

Another interesting Spanish tradition is to wear a pice of red underwear during the night that was bought for you by someone else, this also is said to bring luck in the new year.

Gold Rings in Cava

The final of the 3 traditions you can enjoy is to drop a gold ring into a glass of cava just after midnight to toast with your friends & family, just make sure you don’t swallow it!

Big Traditional Events

The Magic Fountain at Montjuic

From 9.30pm you can enjoy the traditional New Year’s Eve celebration in spectacular surroundings, and better yet- it’s free!
Where? Plaza España, where some of the main roads will be blocked for the big celebration. It is lively and packed with people early on, so it’s best to arrive early if you want to find a good spot to see the show.

Where is it? entertainment really kicks-off at 11.45pm with fireworks and performing arts until around 12.20am.
After this time many people go to nightclubs or parties with pre-purchased tickets.

How to get there?

You can take the metro, bus, walk, or arrive in taxi depending where you are coming from.

**Good to know***

· We recommend bringing Food & Drinks or dining at a restaurant  early to avoid the need to move around much between 9.30-midnight.
We recommend going to The George Payne Irish bar before-hand to eat and have a few drinks!
· As in all big events, we recommend keeping your valuable posessions close and protected at all times, as thieves often take advantage of these opportunities.
· The Metro is always VERY busy immediately after the show, so it’s worth waiting an extra 45 minutes or an hour to make your way there, or starting to walk in the direction of your accommodation/ next party and catching transport in another less-crammed location.

2. Poble Espanyol

This beautiful location is the perfect setting for a big concert-style party on New Year’s Eve, that goes from 22.30 until 6am!
You can dance all night to popular music from the 70s-90s and enjoy the three different spaces to party.
We recommend going to The George Payne Irish bar before-hand to eat and have a few drinks!

3. Plaza Catalunya
The city’s central square is always buzzing with energy on December 31st, mostly due to it’s location. Be careful- at midnight there’s a strange tradition of throwing all the cava bottles into the center of the square!
We recommend going to The George Payne Irish bar nearby before-hand to eat, or after to continue the party!

Our Hot Tips:

January 1st

is a public holiday in Spain. On public holidays there’s. not much open other than some restaurants, bars & corner shops.

The Metro

runs all night on New Year’s Eve, which is great to help you move around the city, but it can be very busy and have a lot of intoxicated people on-board.


If you are planning on eating out, or going to a big party- we recommend reserving a table beforehand, as it might be difficult to find a decent place without a reservation.


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