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Whether you want to buy a traditional Catalán decoration, like a Caga Tio or Caganer OR something more traditional, you’ll find everything you need at these Markets!


La Fira de Santa Llucia

The Market of Santa LLucía (Saint Lucia) is Barcelona’s oldest Christmas market, you will find it in front of Barcelona Cathedral from late November until the 23rd of December 10:30am to 8.30pm.

You will find lots of traditional Christmas decorations, and also the traditional Catalan ones which may surprise you!


The Sagrada Familia Market

The Sagrada Familia Christmas Market is in the park next to it, from late November until the 23rd of December, 10am to 9pm.

It has more of a local feel to it, plus stands selling traditional winter snacks such as roast chestnuts, baked sweet potatoes, churros and chocolate.


Fira de Nadal del Port Vell

Barcelona’s newest Christmas Market, the Fira de Nadal del Port Vell takes place from the first weekend in December until the 5th of January.

Located in La Plaça del Portal de la Pau, near the Columbus Monument, it is open daily from 18h to 22h and at weekends from 10h until 22h.

In addition to food stalls, there’s a big wheel, a huge Christmas tree, a nativity scene, and a traditional carousel.

Other Christmas Activities!


Día de los Reyes Magos

The Day of the 3 Wise Men (literally, Magic Kings) is celebrated on January 5th is arguably celebrated more here in Catalunya than Christmas.
On this night, there is a big parade (Cabalgata) where the 3 Kings make their way through the city streets and candy is thrown to the kids. 

The Montjuic Fountain

It is traditional during Christmas to watch the Magic Fountain show at the Palace of Montjuïc, where they have a special edition of the fountain show with dancers and Christmas music.



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