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Weekend Snaps

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks, and we’ve loved every second of it!! Monday Beer Pong, Thursday Jukebox Parties, our Red Parties every Friday and our new Sunday Burger & Beers Offer have got us busy! We love you all!!!

Beer Pong Barcelona

16th- July-2021

Weekend Snaps

Every night was a lot of fun.. but this week we especially enjoyed making the weekend LONGER AGAIN with the RETURN of BEER PONG MONDAYS!

Flirty Fridays

9th- July-2021

Weekend Snaps

We re-launched the RED PARTY For Flirty Fridays!
Then Italy Won the Euro Cup Final!

VIP Table 4th July

4th- July-2021

Weekend Snaps

Thursday Jukebox, Friday Finals Football & our 4th July Frat Party!
We drank a LOT of Budweiser & Jack Daniels this weekend.. and we GAVE AWAY an INSANE AMOUNT of PRIZES!!

The George Payne

25th- June-2021

Weekend Snaps

Thursday Jukebox, Flirty Fridays, Savage Saturdays & some highlights of the Eurocup fun!

Irish Bar Barcelona

11th- June-2021

Weekend Snaps

It’s not just the weather that’s heating up. Check out the Pics!

irish bar girls

4th- June-2021

Weekend Snaps

You outdid yourselves, here’s the evidence!